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15 rounds out here. and then, the gun jammed on him. >> three dead, including the shooter. we'll hear from the witnesses to 90 minutes of terror. also breaking overnight, north korea launches a long-range missile, powerful enough to reach the united states. the provocative act catches the white house off guard. countries around the world condemning the move. martha raddatz has the latest. there won't be another day like this for almost a century. the numbers that have everyone rushing to the altar and hospital. today's date, 12-12-12, the luckiest day ever? it only happens once in a lifetime. and good morning, america. hello to robin, recovering at home. here with amy robach again. let's get right to the two stories breaking overnight. the latest on that surprise missile launch from north korea, in just a moment.
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but first, to portland, oregon, where a gunman opened fire in a mall crowded with holiday shoppers. abc's neal karlinsky is outside the macy's where it all began. good morning, neal. >> reporter: george, good morning. this is where much of the shooting happened, inside the food court, here, next to the macy's. this is a very popular mall. it was filled with holiday shoppers at the time of the shooting. a random and senseless rampage that could have been even worse. cell phone video shows the chaos soon after the shooting. customers, even a little girl, being led out with their hands up. >> you said an active shooter? >> yeah. there's one person saying that there's a man with a rifle. near the food court. >> reporter: it was 3:20 p.m., when christmas songs over the clackamas town center sound system, were suddenly drowned out by the rapid fire of gunshots. >> he was moving around, pointing the gun at people. people were falling to the ground and crying. >> there's people bailing out
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like crazy from everywhere. >> reporter: by 3:30, police arrived, met head-on by terrified shoppers, children and employees, streaming out. >> macy's and kay's, telling me the suspect was here. i have multiple shell casings. >> he looked like he was on a mission. >> reporter: the gunman described as wearing a black bullet-proof vest and white hockey mask, is said to be moving quickly through the upper level of the mall's macy's store, firing what looks like an assault weapon in the food court. 24-year-old shaun wik is eating. >> i don't think what can happen tomorrow is worse than what happened tonight. >> reporter: by 4:30, police report a group of people hiding in a storeroom. in a surreal moment, even the mall santa could be seen running for his life. >> i didn't know where the shooter was, so i decided to ease my way out. >> reporter: more bloodshed may have been prevented because the attacker's gun apparently jammed. >> he fired about 10 or 15 rounds out here. and then, the gun jammed on him. >> reporter: by 4:49, police
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report the gunman has been quote, neutralized. this morning, police say he's dead. >> the shooter died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: after 90 minutes of terror, at 5:00, police lead more stunned survivors out of the mall. still inside, the lifeless bodies of two innocent bystanders and the gunman. there is also one person who has been wounded, a woman, who is right now listed in serious condition at a portland-area hospital. what we still don't know is who the shooter is and why? why he came here? and what led him to such a random act of violence? george? >> thanks, neal. and joining us now, sheriff craig roberts of the clackamas county sheriff's department. sheriff, thank you for joining us this morning. have you been able to identify the shooter overnight? >> we have been able to identify the shooter over this last night. >> what can you tell us about him? >> we're not able to release the name of the individual at this point in time.
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and for the reason being, that we don't want to jeopardize the investigation. >> what more can you tell us about his motive? >> right now, we're still in the preliminary part of our investigation. and so, there's much to learn. and so, at this point in time, to speculate on a motive is really premature at this time. >> but, do you have any idea if the gunman was going after specific victims? knew who he was going after? or if this was some kind of a random rampage? >> it really was a killing of total strangers, to my knowledge, at this point in time. and it was really, i think, trying to kill as many people as possible. >> and he would have killed far more had his gun not jammed, is that correct? >> this could have been much, much worse. and we got the call at 3:29. we had somebody on scene within a minute, 30 seconds.
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we had containments set up with a multitude of teams. there's approximately 10,000 people, about 2,000 employees, about 7,000 customers, that we had a lot of people moving in and out, trying to take cover. we had a lot of really, what i consider, heroes, citizens stepping up and helping people get out of the facility. we had some emergency room nurses that were trying to render aid. and so, throughout this whole horrific ordeal, there were just some really amazing people that stepped up. and i think this really could have been much worse. >> well, thanks goodness for those heroes. of course, our thoughts are for the victims and their families this morning. sheriff, thank you for your time. >> thank you so much. >> scary it could have been worse. >> i know, speaking of those heroes, we have one of those heroes joining us, george.
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a hero in a shopping mall shooting. and the woman he saved from the gunfire, joslyn lay and allan fonseca. join us now in an abc news exclusive. joslyn, you were at the counter. you were talking to allan when you heard the gunshots. tell me what happened next. >> we both just looked at each other and knew this was a serious situation. and it was a gunman. and we both just dove down underneath the lancome counter there for a little protection. and the gunfire just kept going off. and allan turned to me. and well, first, i was praying. i just called out to the lord to ask him to protect us. and protect those people that were out in the mall, getting shot. and then, allan is my hero. because he knew what to do. he said that we needed to evacuate. and he took me by the hand. and he led me down through the counter and down the escalator and out to safety. and this is what is amazing to
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me. he was my hero because he then turned to me, now that i know you're safe, i'm going to go back and help other people. i was very impressed with him, being a young man, and having such courage. >> yeah, allan, that is incredible. you were safe. you got joslyn to safety. and you still felt like your job wasn't finished. tell me what you did next. >> i'm sorry. i couldn't catch that. could you repeat that, please? >> tell me what it was like when you went back upstairs. why did you go back to try to help others? >> you know, i've been asking that question to myself all night and i really don't know the answer. all i know is that, i knew the exits to the doors. and i felt that if i knew how to get out of the mall and out to safety, then i should probably share that knowledge to everybody else that didn't know, like the shoppers who don't come here usually and don't know all the exits. so, i decided to go back up because i wanted to check to see if there was anybody in panic or didn't know where to go. so, that's why i went back. and i did it.
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because i really wanted to save and help as many people as i could. >> what a remarkable young man. and we just saw your reunion this morning. you all just met again this morning after such an incredible night. joslyn, what would have happened? what would you have done if allan hadn't been there? >> i probably just would have stayed there and probably had a little more fear because it's one of those situations where you've seen on previous shootings, that, you know, gunmen keep shooting and keep looking for different people. and i was just praying harder. it was my grandbaby's first birthday yesterday. and, of course, i want to be around. so, i would have huddled there and waited. and just hoped and prayed. >> well, allan got you to safety. allan, we want to thank you. and i know joslyn has for your act of heroism. so glad you're both safe. and wish your granddaughter a happy birthday.
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>> thank you. >> thank you. >> that young man is a real hero. >> to have made it to safety and gone back up, that's remarkable. >> just incredible. we're going to turn to the other story breaking overnight. north korea launched a long-range missile, its first successful attempt in five tries, with rockets powerful enough to reach our shores. that's drawing a sharp response from the white house. martha raddatz, this launch also caught officials by surprise. >> reporter: it did, indeed, george. which shows you how little we know about this country. north korea has been trying to successfully launch a missile like this for well over a decade. north korea is not threatening to strike the u.s., but remember, north korea is a nuclear-armed country, unstable, secretive. and this is a significant step closer to being able to put a nuclear weapon on a long-range missile. >> the news was announced
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overnight, with great fanfare on north korean tv. an excited broadcaster calling the rocket launch a glorious success. this morning, america's aerospace defense command, norad, confirms it was a long-range galaxy 3 rocket, like this one. the most powerful the nation has ever launched. and a major step in its weapons program. >> what the north koreans have done with this launch is demonstrate the technological capability to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile, a long way. potentially threatening the west coast of the united states. >> reporter: the three-stage rocket was able to launch an object into low-level orbit. the north koreans say it was a satellite. but the u.s. believes it was merely testing the capability to carry a warhead. until now, north korea has attempted but failed four launches. abc's gloria riviera was in
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south korea overnight when the announcement was made. >> here, news of the rocket launch broke with urgent news bulletins. that south koreans got on their cell phones. it touched a raw nerve. one man told us, he thinks the north koreans should be exiled from earth. the two countries are still, after all, officially at war. >> reporter: this morning, international response condemning the launch is unified. the white house calling it, a highly-provocative act that threatens regional security. the north koreans are still years away from having the capability to launch a nuclear warhead. but this morning, it is clearer than ever that north korea's new leader, kim jong-un, will continue his father's legacy of pursuing the technology. despite those harsh sanctions. let's get the other top stories from josh. >> good morning to both of you and all of you. we're beginning with an abc news exclusive interview with president obama.
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we have learned the president and house speaker john boehner have traded new proposal affecting every american's wallets, specifically whether our taxes go up at year's end. jake tapper has the new details. >> reporter: president obama minced no words in an exclusive interview with abc's barbara walters. >> taxes are going to go up one way or another. and i think the key is to make sure that taxes go up on high-end individuals, like you and me, barbara. we can afford it. >> reporter: the president told barbara walters, he remains optimistic. >> are we going to go over the fiscal cliff? >> i'm pretty confident that republicans would not hold middle-class taxes hostage to try to protect taxes for high-income individuals. >> reporter: the president and house speaker john boehner are at least talking. the president made an offer monday, asking for $1.4 trillion in new taxes over ten years. including raising tax rates on the wealthy. the speaker counter on tuesday.
7:13 am
offering $800 billion in new tax revenue, all from closing loopholes and limiting deductions. house republicans say they need more specificity from the president on spending cuts. >> where are the president's spending cuts? the longer the white house walks this process, the closer our economy gets to the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: and the president argues that he outlined spending cuts in his last budget proposal, more than $550 billion worth. they're still on the table. negotiations will continue later today. josh? >> as that cliff looms. jake tapper, thank you for that. meanwhile, calling it a big step, president obama has announced the u.s. will recognize syria's main opposition group as the country's legitimate representative. it's the latest move to force dictator bashar al assad from power. meanwhile, here at home, a natural gas explosion near charleston, west virginia, set off the fire you see here. it scorched a busy highway,
7:14 am
destroyed at least four homes. several people were rushed to the hospital because of heavy smoke inhalation. but no one was seriously hurt. no word on why the 20-inch gas line exploded. meanwhile, new claims this morning that fedex may have been overcharging its customers and doing it for years. internal e-mails recently made public for a lawsuit show a sales executive believed the company was systemically overcharging business customers. but when he told his bosses, he claims they looked the other way. fedex denies it, saying the e-mails don't tell the entire story. and pope benedict just hit 1 million followers on twitter. and he marked the occasion today, sending his very first tweet. saying, and i quote, dear friends, i am pleased to get in touch with you through twitter. thank you for your generous response. i bless you with all of my heart. end tweet. and finally, something i
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might do attempting to keep up with the joneses and the sam champions. when an arizona woman's neighbors set up this display, using some 16,000 lights, she didn't try to compete. she just decided to put up the word ditto. >> i love that. >> it's brilliant. and it's just up and back down again. happy holidays to all. >> that's great. >> cost-effective, too. >> one plug. that's it. >> thanks, josh. now, to the mania over 12-12-12. that's today's date, december 12th, 2012. and so many people believe that it may be the luckiest day of our lifetime. around the world, couples are rushing to get married before the day's end. where else would we find abc's nick watt but at a wedding chapel in las vegas. and it looks like you're about to walk down the aisle. >> reporter: i'm just here in a sort of supervisory capacity. actually waiting for the next bride and groom next in line. they're just freshening up
7:16 am
before their big moment. since midnight, we've seen couples from australia, sweden, nebraska, all coming here to the epicenter of this 12-12-12 matrimonial craziness. >> i pronounce you two, husband and wife. >> reporter: ellie and tim got married at exactly 12 after midnight, 12-12-12. and you really think 12-12-12 is going to bring you luck? >> yes. >> reporter: longevity? make it work? >> we're hoping so. >> reporter: this place is packed with wannabe lucky couples. why are you getting married in the middle of the night in las vegas? >> it's what we could do on 12-12-12. >> reporter: david's bridal claims 7,500 brides will tie the knot today. an 1,446% increase over 12/12 last year. >> this is people's last chance to do something memorable on a date like this. >> reporter: and it will be
7:17 am
another 88 years and 19 days until january 1, 2101, the next day all the digits line up. >> the 12 is a spiritual, lucky number. it's a number of completion. >> reporter: double sixes is home, heart and family. lucky, lucky little mckenzie gibson from kansas city, missouri, plays number 12 on her soccer team. today, she turns 12 years old. >> it's going to be a really special and unique day. >> reporter: plenty moms want what mckenzie has. we have heard reports of c-sections scheduled for today. along with 300 weddings, here at the chapel. >> if you ever forget your anniversary. >> yeah. >> he's in trouble. >> reporter: some say it's lucky. i say it's just an impossible date to forget. now, this particular chapel is where britney spears got married. you remember the infamous 55-hour marriage. that's all it lasted. i'm hoping that some of the 12-12-12 magic means the joy that we've seen here today, the marriages will last a lot longer than that.
7:18 am
amy? >> as do so many vegas weddings. nick watt, thank you so much. >> he looks good in a tux. >> he does. i love it. >> i thought he was going to ask for a martini. sam, you got our weather? >> i didn't know why i didn't think of that date for the wedding. it didn't occur to me. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. take a look at this picture before we get to the video. this picture out of "the palm beach post." this is one way to get into your car. everything below that is water. and inches and informatiches of. look at the video out of jupiter, where they picked up about ten inches of rain. and many areas around it, three to six inches of rain. this is the rain that will continue today. a one-inch to two-inch pocket from raleigh, to charleston, to south-central georgia. also right along the florida coastline. from miami to daytona beach. that's a pocket of flooding today. there's chilly temperatures in the northeast and mid-atlantic. but they're really close to normal. that will be the high temperatures, as well.
7:19 am
and milder air gets in by the time we get to friday. philadelphia, 52. boston, about 50. washington, d.c. about 54. we'd like to remind you, we need your help to collect coats for the coat drive this winter. you can drop them off at a burlington coat factory.
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good morning i'm eric thomas. a 2-year-old girl is doing fine after a frightening accident. she was sleeping in her crib when a truck smashed into the wall of her bedroom the impact threw here to the floor. the driver tried to leave but was stopped. he's being investigated for possible dui. the girl returned home after being checked out at the hospital. bumper-to-bumper from san mateo or i should say hayward towards san mateo west bound bridge earlier big rig shifted its load now cleared the damage is done, jammed westbound. delays behind toll metering lights on. it is sluggish on the upper deck into san francisco. partly cloudy skies, fog, scattered showers you can see them along the coast here. main activity is around mountain view and closer to pescadero south bay showers as well as pulling out of walnut
7:25 am
creek now. gilroy, watsonville, roads are wet, chilly today, mid 50s san francisco, 50 cloverdale. frosty night tonight. when we come back, how you can make this a brighter holiday for neighbors in need by taking part in
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[ no audio ] big day for us here the day of our 21st annual share your holiday food drive. you can call the number on
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your screen: or you can text the word feed to 80077. that will allow you to donate $10. we have personnel at three spots around the bay area to take your donations this is walnut creek, mike nicco is here. we have people at union square where amy hollyfield is and kristen sze and cheryl jennings will be there later. katie marzullo is in san jose. it is so easy to drop off nonperishable goods in the barrel or cash to help out this holiday season. once again, our shear the holiday food drive, or textíímñ- tech the word feed to 80077 to donate $10 to the cause. now back to "good morning america."
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darwin the monkey in happier times. there he is, brushing his teeth. that was -- josh is making me crack up right now. that was all before he went to ikea, got lost. i meant to crack you up. but i did it to myself. >> toond me, too.
7:30 am
>> we were discussing for six minutes how we were going to get through that. and we failed. >> we failed. but we're going to have all the latest on darwin and what is next for him, after he's been taken into custody after that runaway. good morning, everyone. >> happy wednesday. well, you know who's going to keep us all in line. barbara walters is here. she's going to tell us who made her list of the most fascinating people of the year. she's joining us live to tell us who made the cut. there are surprising ones. ben affleck. but also honey boo boo. >> that will be terrific. also ahead -- drew barrymore, the superstar revealing the first time pictures of little olive. her plans for raising her daughter. and why talking about her new husband brings her to tears. happy tears. >> happy tears. check out these victoria's secret models. a close-up of them right here. they look fantastic.
7:31 am
but there's certain things. there you see, they cannot do. they are not perfect, after all. but it's gone viral this morning, as well. >> looking forward to that. but first, we're going to start off with a very shocking story. it's out of california. a young california actress police are calling an accessory to murder. rachel buffet pleaded not guilty she lied to police in 2010. her former fiance, currently awaiting trial for those crimes. and now, buffet is speaking out for the first time about her arrest. abbie boudreau has the story. >> i'm innocent. >> reporter: rachel buffet maintains she was duped by her ex-fiance, dan wozniak. >> it was, like, the person i loved never really existed. >> reporter: but they claim she not only knows the real dan wozniak, is charged with killing two friends, but that she was an accessory, covering up the crime. as he sits in jail on murder charges, she's out on bail.
7:32 am
>> it's hard to eat when your stomach is in knots. >> reporter: it all started in the spring of 2010. buffet and wozniak, but community theater actors, were starring in the play, "nine." but police say, on the same day the couple performs in a play, wozniak lured his neighbor, 26-year-old college student, sam herr, who recently returned from a tour in afghanistan, into the theater and shot him. wozniak allegedly then dismembered the body. the motive of the killing, to reportedly steal his savings account. >> every father who is out there, listening to this, absolutely knows how i feel. >> reporter: the night of the murders, herr's father went to his apartment. he found the body of 23-year-old juli kibuishi, a friend and classmate of herr. she had also been shot. and there was evidence of a sexual assault. but authorities say, wozniak made it look like herr shot kibuishi and then, killed himself. but when cash disappeared from sam herr's bank account, police traced it back to wozniak.
7:33 am
wozniak has pleaded not guilty. and as he sits behind bars awaiting a possible death sentence, buffet is going public, saying the only thing she's guilty of is falling in love with the wrong man. >> do i just have horrible judgment of character? >> reporter: for sam herr's father, that's not good enough. >> do i believe she's part of this? absolutely. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. and let's bring in "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. and dan, rachel buffet said she didn't intentionally mislead police. but you say what's key is what police say she lied about. >> police don't think she lied about minor matters here. they think that she was helping to point the finger at the victim and away from her fiance. remember, they believed that he staged the crime scene to make it look like the victim had committed a crime. so, the authorities go in and talk to people, interviewing
7:34 am
people, and they believe that she, in effect, misled them, directed them intentionally towards the victim, as opposed to her fiance, to help him evade arrest. >> and yet, it took police two years to charge her with this crime. why so long? >> it's tough to know. the authorities saying they wanted to rule out the possibility that she would have been an actual accomplice. she's not charged as an accomplice here. just for accessory after the fact. they say they wanted to rule that out first. a little hard to believe it took them two years to rule her out. you have to think that maybe there's something new that came forward. as the prosecution, the d.a. was putting a case together. maybe they found additional evidence about her. et cetera. we don't know for sure. >> if buffet thought she was aiding an innocent man, would it matter? >> sure, look, yeah, she wouldn't be charged if she was innocent of mind. but authorities clearly believe she was trying to protect him because she knew that he was in very serious trouble here. so, that, definitely, a key part
7:35 am
of the crime here is the intent. >> right, and he is facing the death penalty? >> he is. and she's only facing up short of four years in prison. >> thanks, dan abrams. appreciate it. george. we have an investigation into one of the most notorious accidents in american history. the fiery crash of the hindenburg was famously caught on film. you see it right there. but the cause of the disaster has remained a mystery for most of a century. thanks to the discovery channel, that may soon be revealed. here's abc's john schriffen. >> reporter: it's one of aviation's greatest mysteries. >> it burst into flames. oh, the humanity. >> reporter: 75 years later, scientists now believe they know why the hindenburg first into flames. killing 36 of the 99 people onboard. check out the life-sized replicas, 80 feet long, getting
7:36 am
blown up, over and over again. it's all part of discovery channel's curiosity series. to find out what really happened. >> that was not far off the real thing. >> we tested the theory that shooting at the hindenburg would take it down. we tested the theory of a bomb. we tested static electricity. we tested the flammability of the skin. >> reporter: to re-create one of the first major disasters ever captured on camera, steve wolf and the team test each theory, one at a time. lightning, a bomb, a spark. the question is, was the hindenburg brought down by mother nature? sabotage, or something else? >> in our lab testing, most of the theories didn't pan out. but one of them does. >> reporter: after three-quarters of a century, the team will make the public wait just a bit longer for the answer. releasing their findings on sunday. for "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, new york. >> and what the story of the
7:37 am
hindenburg airs sunday on discovery channel. now, it's time for the weather and sam. >> you remember that last round of severe weather in the southeast, there were about 16 tornado reports. we're going to show you video that's a little disturbing. but everyone is okay after this video. just to show you, that when a station in birmingham, alabama, did an interview with some folks after the damage was done to their house, they're standing on the porch of the house during the interview when this happens. take a look. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> that is the roof collapsing on that house. and the entire family was in there going through their possessions. everybody was okay. but that was an ef-1 tornado that moved through the area. when you get in storm damage, it really is a precarious situation. everyone okay in that video. even though it didn't look very good. we'll start with what goes on in the deep south today. we'll start to get an area of high pressure, pushing the storms out of the way.
7:38 am
there's still some rain that gets into florida and the southeast. chicago gets to about 45 by the time we get to saturday. look at new orleans, going to 70. dallas, about 73. and kansas city will even get in the 50s. there's one storm dropping down the west coast, that's going to bring shar >> all th wea >> all that weather was brought to you by at&t. josh, amy, george. >> thank you. coming up, supermodel stumbles. no, we're going to do monkey business right there. little darwin lost at ikea. now, at an animal sanctuary. bonding with other primates. how his human owner is fighting to get him back right now. now. at an animal sanctuary. bonding with other primates. how his human owner is fighting bonding with other primates. how his human owner is fighting to get him back right now. at the samme r eyes
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and we are back at 7:42. let's look at the little fashion plate caught on tape at an ikea. he's been taken away from his owner. she is fighting to get him back. paula faris is tracking this for us. >> reporter: the monkey's owner, a real estate lawyer, said she ate, slept and even showered with her pet primate. she calls little darwin her son. and says, he needs his mother. you might call it survival of the fittest and most fabulously dressed. this 7-month-old macaque named darwin, proved he was worth his name sake and place on the evolution scale on sunday, when he let himself out of his owner's car and headed towards this canadian ikea. but this morning, despite growing international acclaim, and this parody twitter handle, like way over dressed for this animal shelter and online pics
7:44 am
like these, he has traded in his fur coat for prison stripes. picked up by animal control officers and now being held as an illegal exotic pet. could this be the end of the monkey business? darwin's owner, jasmine nahuka is distraught. this home video shows them sharing a nightly routine. >> mother and son, brushing teeth, getting ready for bed. >> reporter: but experts say while he may seem cute here, darwin will evolve into a wild animal. >> they grow up. and they grow up, they can be fairly dangerous. >> i think in a couple of years, she would have had a struggle on her hand. >> reporter: this primate is at an animal sanctuary. he's been introduced to a
7:45 am
surrogate mom. this morning, the woman who says she's his real mother, is vowing to fight. she's even hired a lawyer and is planning a holiday reunion. >> these are his clothes i bought for christmas. i'm going to get him. and he's going to wear it. >> reporter: now, this isn't just monkey business. animal handlers note that darwin's particular species carries disease and could be dangerous if exposed to humans, such as yourselves. stay away from darwin. >> you think he's going to get into that santa suit? >> probably not. maybe we could bring him to the studio. >> or not. >> or not. >> thanks, paula. coming up, it gets better. plays of the year. freeze them. and, oh, sam is -- you're about to find out. [spider-man] we got this. ♪
7:46 am
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7:49 am
now, to "the play of the day." again, it's my favorites this
7:50 am
week, george. wait for it. >> but for the grace of god. >> remember these folks playing the -- i guess that's best described as bubble soccer. we decided it looked so fun. i love this sport, even though arsenal went out ugly to bradford yesterday, we tried it with sam and amy. are we ready? >> oh. >> oh, my. >> why are you pushing me? >> she is doing it in high-heels. >> oh. >> you can't even see. >> goal. >> wait a minute. wait. >> be careful. amy? >> we have to go? is there anymore time? >> we have to go? is there anymore time? no. the world's bestblet made for reading and entertainment. your favorite magazines and catalogs look better than ever.
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7:54 am
because it's nice to have an extra pair of hands around for the holidays.
7:55 am
because it's nice to have an extra pair of hands around good morning i'm eric thomas. wet weather expected throughout the bay area during the day. meteorologist lisa argen has the forecast. good morning. showers off the coast north bay, area from page mill road, cupertino, sunnyvale into
7:56 am
campbell where we have wet weather, scattered lighter showers into gilroy, mid 50s. bumper-to-bumper 80 westbound accident at gilman involving motorcycle off to the shoulder but the damage is done slow on eastbound freeway, northbound 880 at 92, accident blocking santa rosa south 101 at herarn accident lane two. >> we'll be back with details
7:57 am
today share holiday drive at abc7. let's check in with kristen sze in union square. how is it out there? it is going great look at all these volunteers ready to take your donations. even though it is so early a lot of folks have come by to
7:58 am
help us fill these bins. corn flakes, excellent, canned corn here. come on out even bring your donations it is a lot of fun. we want to thank one of our corporate sponsors. >> thanks for having us. >> can you tell us why you believe in this mission and wants to help? what a great cause the food bank. we've been giving to the food bank over 13 years we've been in business we've created a nonprofit to give back time, money and ourselves for free, for non-profits like the food bank. we have 60 to 100 employees giving back their time, 12 times a year to the food bank we send them out there to help, participate in. >> fun team building. >> great team building, great for employs. -- for employees.
7:59 am
>> an [ unintelligible ] we encourage you to come out and bring your donations we have reporters throughout the bay area. eric, come on out. >> thank you for the intake. you can take part inóuñ the shae your holiday food drive-by calling: ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ and a big crowd out there in times square. someone's 12th birthday. how about that? 12 on 12-12-12. december 12th, 2012. that will be the date for almost a century. big lucky wednesday here in times square. good morning, america. as you all know, robin is at home. getting stronger every day. amy robach here this week.
8:00 am
we want to welcome rachel smith, host of "on the red carpet." >> thank you. thank you. >> in for lara, taking a little break this week. >> nice to see you. and we want to bring in a very important picture here. because we have babies being born today. in fact, we're having women inducing labor, specifically to be born on 12-12-12. we're going to go live to the hospital, to find out why this mom wanted to make sure her baby was born today. >> we're not encouraging them. to induce labor. >> we're not. >> good choice. they're making. we're choosing to put sam and amy in bubbles and making them play soccer. >> instant replay. >> i have a feeling we'll be seeing this video again. but we do want to thank our friends from ohio mobile gaming, who drove through the night to get these things here. >> yes. >> to you and your sacrifice. i mean, thank you. >> amy, great job. >> thank you. in heels, by the way. >> well done.
8:01 am
>> two people in bubbles here. amy, great job in heels. >> hey, i give sympathy. >> thank you. >> you could have worn heels. >> fine. look at this, we have the "gma" santa dancers here. they're taking over times square, teaching everyone how to dance for our first-ever rock the holidays dance party. and supermodel stumbles. the brand-new video that's gone viral. the victoria's secret models proving they can't really do it all. >> la, la, la. come on, candles. work with me. >> we're all still watching, right? >> yeah. >> they're beautiful. also, barbara walters is here with a sneak peek of who is the most fascinating person, other than barbara, this year. can't wait for the list to come out. and we'll get a little sneak peek right here on "gma." good morning. >> barbara made a lot of news with the president yesterday, as well.
8:02 am
we have some more news to get to from josh. >> we're going to begin with the latest on that terrifying shooting near portland, oregon. a young man firing dozens of rounds in a mall packed with some 10,000 holiday shoppers. the gunman was wearing a hockey mask and bullet-proof vest and was armed with an assault weapon. he killed two people and injured another, before the gun jammed. shoppers, children, even the mall santa had to run for cover. it all ended with the shooter taking his own life. and we'll have more updates. meanwhile, the obama administration is condemning north korea's launch of a long-range missile overnight. calling it, and i quote, a highly-provocative act. end quote. japanese tv has just released this video, they say shows the missile launch. it was north korea's most powerful ever, with a capacity to reach the west coast of the united states. the launch is seen as a successful step to putting a nuclear warhead on a similar missile. and some medical news for you. a warning to women.
8:03 am
a new study finds that smoking even just once a day, can nearly double your risk of dying from a heart attack or other heart problems, as compared to nonsmokers. two business headlines. cosmetics giant avon has just announced its eliminating some 1,500 jobs in the struggles to cut costs and stay competitive. also this morning, the price of your morning orange juice may soon be on the rise. a new report warns that florida's orange crop is among the worst in almost half a century, thanks to the persistent drought in recent months. and a man they once called the godfather of world music has died. ravi shankar played his sitar with everyone from george harrison of the beatles to john coltrane. also organized the first-ever benefit concert, back in 1971. of course, his daughter, norah jones, would go on to build her own remarkable career. ravi shankar was 92 years old. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> hello, josh. and tonight on "world news,"
8:04 am
they are jumping aboard. celebrities, titans of business, viewers like "gma" viewers, creating jobs right here in america. and you have to see tonight, what's next in our big "made in america" christmas. >> and so we shall. and finally, what would you do if you were just walking along, minding your own business and you saw this? >> whoa. >> people, stunned when they saw -- you might say whoa, if you're george stephanopoulos. they saw a giant rubber ducky, floating down the river thames in london. the tower bridge actually, not surprisingly, had to be raised to let the big rubber ducky to pass underneath. it's part of a campaign to get people to laugh more. if only they had thought to blow up a monkey wearing a shearling coat. that would have solved that problem in perpetuity. >> you need the teeth brushing to really push it over the edge. >> happier times. let's get "pop news." lara's off this week. rachel smith in.
8:05 am
>> that's right. brace yourself for pop, guys because we have props, people. first up, i'll tell you what they wanted, what they really, really wanted last night. this. thank you, josh. the spice girls musical in london's west end. it was all about girl power on the red carpet. all five original members, posh spice, baby spice, ginger spice, scary spice and sporty spice. >> sporty spice. >> yeah. they all came out to celebrate its premiere. the girls, smiling for the cameras together. victoria beckham, posing for pictures, also posing with her family. and later tweeting, great time with my girls tonight. kind of interesting that they weren't together. >> posed with their family. always. >> one more time. one more time. let's get that severe look. we make fun. we move on. now, i give you pop prop number one, something like that. okay. so, this is the new combo meal. it is quite the buzz.
8:06 am
it's a fully-loaded burger that will get you loaded. introducing, cue the cheeseburger bloody mary, that's packing in the crowds in a wisconsin bar. oh, yes. >> there's a hot dog on it. >> and a lot of cheese. >> brussels sprouts? >> i do believe. i do believe. now, they supplement them at -- >> sam, i dare you. >> i can't. >> don't. >> i dare you. i double-dog dare you. >> how do you drink it? >> there's a pickle. there's a pickle submerged. a submerged pickle. >> quick, sam. it's sea rescue. it's sea rescue. get in there, sam. >> it is a -- it just keeps giving. >> taste test. go for it. >> oh. >> i don't think you can show me doing this on camera. >> this is our own version of the bloody mary. if you want to indulge, head over to our website,
8:07 am on yahoo! and i don't think anne hathaway will be indulging in many of these preparing for her role in "les mis." it was all glamour for anne hathaway. at the new york premiere of the movie musical. check her out on the red carpet with that thigh-high split. all the better to show off the tom ford bondage-style boots. we tried to get our hands on a pair. but they aren't available until february. so, mr. ford decided to send us the actual pair anne wore. >> they fit. amazing. >> 9 1/2 here. they are faux leather. they cost about $3,000. >> but we should give full disclosure. how long did it take you to get into those? it wasn't like -- you didn't just jump into those in 32 seconds. >> and not alone, either. i had three or four people helping me out here. and i got a little tape on the back because anne is quite smaller.
8:08 am
so, i got mad props for you. these things are not very practical. but let's get to our pop quiz. shall we? >> yes. >> what reported new superstar couple re-created this famous lift from "dirty dancing." >> taylor swift and what's the dude? >> harry styles. harry styles. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> we'll find out a little bit. first, we need to get weather. sam, are you working your way out there? >> not yet. >> not yet. >> he's not out there. >> we have a cheeseburger. >> how are you? wait. wait, wait. i'm coming. good morning. we've got dancing folks on the dance floor. you guys are here. little birthday cake hat going on. thank you very much. what's your name? >> vincent rubino. >> is it your birthday? >> yes. >> otherwise you wouldn't be wearing the hat, right? >> no. >> it could just be because it's a little chilly outside. good morning, everybody in times square, and you at home. here's what's going on outside your doors.
8:09 am
we're going to start with a live shot out of orlando this morning. it's one of those spots stuck beneath that front. this front is going to be a little stubborn. it's been warm there. but also going to get showery and rainy today. from orlando south. as the front continues down. miami set a record yesterday. 82 today. here's where the snow is falling. the snow levels will drop to at least 4,000 feet and maybe lower, as the low crawls down the west coast. it brings some colder air to it. can you believe that vegas has not been below freezing in a year now? i don't know. we'll get very close.
8:10 am
>> that's not enough "gma" for anybody. and there's more. so, here's what's ahead on the "morning menu." the video gone viral of the victoria's secret models, proving they're not all that perfect. you're going to love them. because, you know what, these ladies try everything. and some things don't work out. we'll show you the video on "gma." drew barrymore opens up about how she feels about being a new mom. and some of the most amazing moments of being a new mom. all right here on "gma." and who are the most fascinating people of the year? only our barbara walters is here with a sneak peek on who made her list. that's a tough list to make. all that's coming up, right here on "gma," in times square. on "gma," in times square. ♪
8:11 am
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8:15 am
♪ ♪ all right.
8:16 am
now, the answer for our pop quiz. which reported new superstar couple created the scene from "dirty dancer." it was taylor swift and harry styles, having the time of their lives. >> i was right. that makes me feel much better about my day. now, to the victoria's secret model video. apparently it's gone viral for revealing a number of supermodel stumbles. it turns out, they're just like us, america. linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: just call them dancer, prancer and vixen. only it's not exactly their noses that are red, but their cheeks. flush with embarrassment, now that this holiday video from victoria's secret is making its way around the internet. >> oh. >> and not for the reason you might think. ♪ dawn we now, our gay apparel
8:17 am
is it fa, la, la, la? >> reporter: they may seem well-rounded. but these christmas angels aren't as perfect as they look. at least when it comes to singing christmas carols. listen to them flubbing "deck the halls." ♪ deck the halls of boughs of honey ♪ >> reporter: the real beauty of it all, victoria's secret sees this as a selling point. >> a commercial like this can help to make the models a little more relatable. so, this is really a good way to sort of bring them down a little bit. >> la, la, la. come on, candles. work with me. >> reporter: of course, the victoria's secret angels aren't the only ones who allowed themselves to be the butt of the joke and come up with advertising gold. jennifer aniston laughed all the way to the bank in this spoof for smartwater. >> how are my triplets doing? >> reporter: the victoria's secret youtube page is being
8:18 am
flooded with positive comments like this one. not everyone can be stunning and great singers. i love that they tried. have you learned the lyrics to the song now? >> no. i still -- the day before, i was like, wracking my brain, trying to remember the lyrics. there's a lot of words we don't use anymore. like troll, and boughs of holly. >> reporter: for these ladies, messing up never looked so good. deck the halls with boughs of jolly, indeed. these may become a tradition. maybe they should try singing "santa baby." >> how does that one go? >> reporter: you know, men, when they see these women, all they hear is wa, wa, wa, wa. >> i don't know. they are very well-rounded. thanks, linsey for that. how does "santa baby" go? moving on. new mom, drew barrymore, debuting her baby, olive, on the cover of "people" magazine. and opening up on how she plans
8:19 am
to raise her daughter. tanya rivero has the story. >> reporter: this "charlie's angel" now has her own little angel. drew barrymore debuting olive on the cover of "people." and opening up about the best role of her career so far, being a mom. telling the magazine, it's the best role of my life. as life gets shorter, the stakes get higher. and this is the most important thing i will ever do. >> she wants to be the mom that will be there, every day, picking up her kid from school. so the child knows, when she needs mom or dad, they are there. >> reporter: the 37-year-old actress wiping away tears, when talking about her husband, will kopelman, and his role as a father. saying, he provides a strong family for people who didn't have the strongest families. if you can create that, you have a second chance. it's like a miracle. >> he has very traditional
8:20 am
family values. and they cannot wait to raise their child together. >> reporter: barrymore's own childhood was far from conventional. the doe-eyed star of "e.t.," at just 7 years old. she later battled addiction to drugs and alcohol, entering rehab at only 13. barrymore opened up about those rocky years with chris connelly on "nightline" earlier this year. >> i was lost and scared. but what i did learn is humility and that things can go away. >> reporter: with a new chapter before her, the new mom knows her daughter's life will be different. i'm trying to figure out how to do things differently than when i grew up. i got some really great blueprints of what not to do. for "good morning america," tanya rivero, abc news, new york. >> congratlanulations to drew. i'm here with barbara walters. the most fascinating people of 2012 airs tonight.
8:21 am
amazing range. hillary clinton, honey boo boo, a whole lot between. ben aflac, seth mcfarlaacfarlan one direction. >> if you have a girl under 14, you know who one direction is. hillary clinton, the third time we have had her on the most fascinating people. she probably is one of the most admired women in the country. we asked her if she wants to run for president. but you know what most people wanted to know? >> what? >> what does she do about her hair? take a look. so, i have to ask you this very personal question. your hair. >> i know it's one of the great fascinations of our time, much to my amazement. >> people said to me, you're interviewing the secretary of state. ask her about her hair. >> well, i do not travel with any hairdresser. i'm not very confident in myself. i've been admitting that for
8:22 am
years. it should be obvious to everyone. it just got to be really burd burdenso burdensome. i said enough. we're just going to try to go with as simple as possible. >> nobody asks the men that. have you noticed? >> yeah. >> you got her laugh out there. a big laugh. >> we did ask if she's going to run in 2016. >> she doesn't know yet, right? >> her husband wants her to. but she's not sure. >> another person a lot of people talk about for running in 2016, chris christie, the governor of new jersey. >> we asked hillary about her hair. and we asked him about the elephant in the room. that is his weight. okay, governor. i feel very uncomfortable asking this question when i'm sitting opposite you. you are a little overweight. >> more than a little. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> why? >> if i could figure that out, i'd fix it. >> there are people that say you
8:23 am
couldn't be president because you're so heavy. what do you say to that? >> that's ridiculous. that's ridiculous. i don't know what the basis for that is. >> i think they're worried about your health. >> i've done this job pretty well. and people have watched for the last couple of weeks with hurricane sandy, 18-hour days and getting up the next day and being just as effective in the job. i don't think that would be a problem. >> he dismissed that. you asked the question that a lot of people do ask when they think of him running for president. >> he is running for governor. he's campaigned all over the place. his health seems pretty good. we're going to be watching what happened to him. in the next election. >> and after that response to hurricane sandy, his popularity skyrocketed. >> and deservedly so. >> it wasn't all politics tonight. the hottest book of the year, "fifty shades of grey." and you talked to the author. >> i read it. all three volumes. but the author isn't anything you would expect, e.l. james.
8:24 am
and the big question is, why do women want to be submissive? "fifty shades of grey," has a handsome bachelor, who happens to use a little whip here and there, on the beautiful, young virgin. so, we talked about -- you wouldn't know any of this. i'll ask ali about this. >> it's fun watching you talk about it. >> i get inspired talking about it. this is what she says. which do you think is more appealing to the women reading the book? the sex scenes? or the fact that this was a man who was rich, who bought her gorgeous clothes. >> it's neither. >> what is it? >> it's the love story. it's the fact that he falls hopelessly in love with her. the first love. >> it's so sweet. "fifty shades of grey," one of the sweetest books you'll read, right? >> you seem skeptical there. >> a lovely virgin, falls in
8:25 am
love with a rich guy. but he has a little problem. he uses a whip now and then. why do we all want to read the book? >> everybody did want to read the book this year. you're just back from the white house yesterday. we saw those clips. you made so much news with the president and mrs. obama. they'll be back here friday to talk about it. how did they seem to you? >> very different when the two of them are together. i mean, we talked to him, with the hard news, syria and stuff. but together, they are very charming, very funny. and by the way, they have a special message for robin. >> fantastic. >> they'll be back friday with that. we have a lot coming up. ten most fascinating people airs tonight at 9:30, 8:30 central. you'll be back friday here and on "20/20." >> i might just sleep here. >> you're always welcome. you can come up to the desk whenever you want. and if you stick around right now, we're rocking the holidays. we have a dance party showdown. there's the dancers right now. they're getting ready. they're going to teach everyone in the crowd. we'll be back in a minute.
8:26 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. a 2-year-old san jose girl is doing fine after a frightening accident. she was sleep when a truck smashed into the wall of her bedroom the impact threw her to the floor. police say the driver tried to leave but neighbors stopped him. he's being investigated for possible dui. the girl within to the
8:27 am
hospital and returned home after being -- went to the hospital and returned home after being checked out. south 101 near novato things jammed pick up past lucas valley road southbound. to the bay bridge toll, metering lights on traffic backed to the west grand overcrossing. earlier accident in the hov lanes at the toll. earlier accident south 101 at broadway burlingame still has things very slow. good morning. showers offshore and south bay looking at shower activity from campbell, cupertino through stanford, los gatos. build-ups in the higher elevations cold air mass northwest winds today will keep it chilly highs in the low to mid 50s. today abc7 is proud to present our 21st annual share your holiday food drive we are broadcasting from three bay area locations. mike is live in walnut creek
8:28 am
with more. >> good morning. we are live at the main courtyard on broadway plaza. want you to meet a couple of very important people. first krista is the director of the mercy brown bag program. tell us about your program. >> our mission is to get the food from the food bank on to the tables of the seniors in need. >> how many seniors do you serve in alameda county? >> 4500. >> per week or -- per month, per day. >> per month. they get two bags each machine. >> we have alma ferguson one of the volunteers. how -- how does this affect the families? >> this helps them so much. their money runs out before the end of the month. they need food and we provide it for them and you can see the smile on their face it is christmas every other week. >> thank you very much both of you volunteers forgetting the
8:29 am
food, taking the food and getting the food to the people that need it. come on down here to walnut creek at broadway plaza, beautiful, festive, plenty of barrels for you to help fill up with food for the needy this holiday season. we'll be here all day. once i leave larry biel will be here see him this afternoon. >> if you can't make it there, ♪ jingle bell, jingle bell happy christmas crowd out here in times square this morning, with the santa dancers, all of us. we're having so much fun this morning. and robin is having so much fun watching this morning. >> yes, she is. >> she tweeted out, she wants to have what sam and amy are having this morning. i think that happened after the soccer ball.
8:30 am
>> she wrote to us, wanting to have what we have. >> come play in the big bubble. >> and come have a cheeseburger bloody mary, as well. >> if we drink that, we would have had an excuse. >> rachel tried to get us to drink it. >> it's a virgin version. i did not mean that. >> we have a poinsettia. >> the jacket. i forgot i was wearing green pants. i am a christmas elf. >> it was dark. i forgot. it's early. >> give her a break. we're going to introduce you to the supersized mcghee family. they're going to fill us in on their lives of chaos, tantrums and lots of love. and mario batali, in our
8:31 am
kitchen. he's kicking off the 12 days of cooking, as only he can. including delicious, chocolate pumpkin cake. we're coming. >> we're running inside. this, by the way, is a historic day. i don't know if you thought about it if you're just waking up. but 12-12-12. the triple-digit day won't come around for almost 100 years. how about this? let's have a big birthday celebration for these kids in times square, on turning 12 on 12 -- now, i'm mathematically confused. no one said there would be math in this. >> it's your birthday. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday, mom. we're about to celebrate another birthday right now. let's go to a hospital. tricia mcknight, of new jersey, gave birth to her baby a couple hours ago. we're there with her doctor, manny alvarez. congratulations, tricia.
8:32 am
how are you feeling? how is the baby? >> the baby's great. she's doing really, really well. and i'm feeling really good, too. >> you look fantastic. you just gave birth a couple of hours ago. what's the baby's name? did you name her yet? >> yes. her name is angilie. >> you look so happy and rested right there. >> yes, she is. >> why was it so important to you to have angilie born on december 12th, 2012. you did this by c-section to make it happen. >> she was a surprise. we didn't know if we were having a boy or girl. my husband said, 12-12-12 is a lucky day. maybe we'll get our girl. we have two boys already. and look at that. it all came through. we have our little girl. and perfect. >> she is gorgeous, just like mom. and, doctor, you get a lot of this today? a lot of families coming in wanting to have a lucky baby born on 12-12-12?
8:33 am
>> this is a popular day. a lot of people have been requesting that. but also, we had the 10-11-12, that was a popular day. now, we're taking reservations for 11-12-13 next year. in her case, she was scheduled to deliver this week anyway. we're blessed at hackensack university center. we deliver so many children that sometimes we get these types of requests. but in this case, this was her due date. >> we're blessed you joined us this morning. congratulations. that is a beautiful girl. thanks a lot for coming in. josh? >> yeah. yes, george. we're hosting, i am told, our researchers are telling me, this is the first-ever "gma" rocks the holidays dance party. our audience, in fact, has been learning the dance from our "gma" santa dancers this morning. these are the ladies to my left. the dancers from nick's dancers. lead dancer and choreographer,
8:34 am
she is happy out in a frigid times square. she is teaching us. what's it going to take, jen? >> a little bit of energy and a lot of spirit. do you have it? >> deep on the inside. okay. we have about 40 seconds. just take us on through. >> all right. are you ready? >> amy and sam, be sure you're watching. are you ready? >> yes, i am. >> five, six, seven, eight. exercise video. >> sound advice. naughty and nice. hands up. and all i want for christmas is you. robot. robot. high-five. >> i think you're ready to go. let's try it again. one more time. >> one more time. >> here we go. five, six, seven, eight. exercise video.
8:35 am
exercise video. naughty. nice. naughty. nice. put your hands in the air. really want it. all i want for christmas is you. robot. >> that was great. all right. this may come up on "gma live!" later. this is naughty and nice? i don't know. it's like -- i don't know. let's get to the boards. >> let's get to the boards. one or two things to talk about. >> we should show you this morning. all over your twitter and facebook pictures. let us know exactly what it looks like in america. from arizona, a gorgeous shot, by the way. and let's show you what it looks like as the west coast gets this storm system that drops down the coast. in comes some colder temperatures. look at these overnight lows and realize that vegas hasn't been to freezing yet, in about a year now. you're close. 39 on friday night. 34 on saturday night.
8:36 am
we may get there by the time we get to early sunday morning. here's that rain in the southeast today, if you're traveling anywhere from miami, flying out of daytona, flying out of tampa, orlando. you've got an issue that there will be some -- oh, wow. they are so cute. >> how cute are they? where are we going? >> george. >> thanks, guys. i'm surrounded by a whole bunch of toddlers. the six little mcghees. they're here with rosana mom and
8:37 am
dad. and these six kids are -- you guys have a new reality show on own. >> yes. "six little mcghees." >> how did that happen? >> we were on the oprah show in 2011. we received so many overwhelming responses from viewers and things, how we were inspirational. okay, well. >> what's inspiration is how well- well-behaved these kids are. but they're going through the terrible 2s. >> they are. >> one at home is hard enough. >> it's overwhelming. what i do is -- i try to be a kid myself. play with them a lot. they like that. yeah. >> you seem to have an inner calm right there, as they all sort of scamper around you. tell me about the moment when you found out you were having
8:38 am
not one, but six kids. >> scary. it was scary. overwhelming. we waited for a family so long. >> you tried for a while. >> yes, we had. our first attempt, we lost twins. and now, we have six. it's overwhelming for me. >> i was shocked. now, i'm grateful. >> you are. >> they're healthy. they're beautiful. >> they get along. although, he does not want to give up that furby. >> he does not. >> he is the boss. >> and how does a typical day happen? like, if this was 8:30 in the morning at home, and we're looking at beautiful pictures of you and the whole family. how would you corral these kids for breakfast? >> we have a routine. we have a system in place. we get them up really early. about 6:00 every morning. isaac. sorry. we get them up really early. they're used to getting up early. when they get up, they have breakfast. >> and the show is going to follow all your adventures as
8:39 am
you raise these kids. >> yes. going into the terrible 2s. >> they're not so terrible this morning. >> a lot of energy. >> there's a lot of energy. you're going to run them. see if they get a nap by this afternoon. uh-oh. you do not have to give it up. thank you all for coming. "the six little mcghees" this saturday on own. and you can see more of the mcghee sextuplets on on yahoo! >> thank you. coming up, counting down to christmas with our f
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
counting down to christmas. our favorite coffee table book, always a good item for the holidays. we're looking at some of the biggest trends. books of animals with gorgeous pictures. entertainment books are popular. and some of the hottest books are tributes to audrey hepburn. we chose our favorites. and we'll get started with george. >> the first one is this one. this is a gorgeous book. it's called "her majesty." look at it right here. it's done by rue golden. for the 50th anniversary jubilee for the queen. look at those blue i audios. it goes back to the beginning of when she became queen. you see her at home. you see chapters on her as a
8:43 am
young princess, the royal union. it also includes a royal family tree, dating back to queen victoria and a map of her travels. it's a gorgeous shot. this one is just as incredible. "compawssion." it's all rescue dogs. it was done to raise money for the brittany foundation, a nonprofit charity to rescuing dogs. my dogs, daisy and charlie. and i think we're going to show betty lou. 17-year-old chihuahua. she was left abandoned as a tiny, little baby. the new owner did not let her be put down. now, she's 17 years old. >> that's great. i picked broadway musicals. that's near and dear to my heart. this is from the pages of "the new york times," edited by ben
8:44 am
bradlee. he's the chief theater critic. i spent most of my childhood, my aunt and uncle are theater directors. i got to perform in "evita." there's a performance from my high school. my cousin was -- i'm in the cast. i was -- i didn't have a starring role. but i was so happy to be there. they have all these amazing shows from the goldies and the goodies. "evita." and the new ones, like "the book of mormon." another thing i chose, was the world's best travel experiences. 400 extraordinary places by national geographic because i made it a point at this stage of my life, to try and travel more. we work so hard. and a lot of times i take my work trips as they vacation. not smart. andrew and i have made a major point to try and travel the world. and there's me in costa rica. and in borneo. so, i encourage everyone to get this book and look at
8:45 am
inspirations for travel. >> the one place you haven't been, italy. >> and over to the bikini shots. >> we'll be back for "gma live!" this is by a great photographer, jacques folay. you see the gondolas parked there. you couldn't see this when we were picking our favorites and not think of our dear, dear robin roberts, who is thankfully going to be taking us all back to venice with her when she gets back here to "gma." >> a special broadcast. >> you want to see this. also, a personal favorite. it's "get the led out." a beautiful, detailed history, for me, it was my band. >> really? >> this is my band. yeah. many firsts to the song you're hearing right now, "stairway to heaven." >> hmm. >> leave that on the table. >> high school slow dance song. and kennedy center honor for lifetime achievement in the
8:46 am
arts. being given to one of the great bands of all-time. >> cars. i love cars. you can buy this book or pay the mortgage. this is the most expensive book i've seen in my life. it's $695. >> you can buy a car for that. >> if you've got it like that -- you can buy a car. the book is. it doesn't come with a car. but look, as a kid growing up, what you wanted was a shelby lotus, that put the british carmaker back on the market. and incredible car shots in here, as well. since ruben is a photographer, now, i've started to get into photography books. one of the things he does, is fashion photography. i hope he is not up this morning because this will be under the christmas tree. a lot of these "vanity fair" pictures. if you're into fashion. >> it's the thought that counts, ruben. >> don't look. >> great books, all. >> you can find out more about our choices. see everything about it. at on
8:47 am
yahoo! who is across the way right there? >> mario. >> mario batali.
8:48 am
8:49 am
mario, in the studio. we're counting down to christmas. and by the way, in honor of being -- having mario here, the 12 days of cooking. you're counting friday, too. >> that's right. >> you're like our partridge in a pear tree. >> that's better than being two french hens. >> superchef, co-host of "the chew." and our guest co-host. we welcome and wish everybody, a happy and merry christmas, america. what are we whipping up.
8:50 am
>> today, we're making something traditionally made in italy. polenta, in place of a pasta course. we're going to make it with a mushroom ragu, which is easy to do. onions. and mushrooms. >> it smells amazing. >> i actually cook here. a lot of people have food stylists. karen is here, who makes me look like a star. i cook for real. we season it a little bit. and we stir it around. you simmer that for 25 to 30 minutes. and it looks like this ragu. now, polenta, corn meal -- you want to know the difference between polenta and grits? >> yeah. >> about $20. they could be -- it depends on how fine they grind them. the polenta is very finely ground. five cups of water. one cup of polenta. add a little bit of salt. we take this stracchino cheese.
8:51 am
you can substitute a soft and creamy farmer's cheese. and season it with a pinch of salt. and to make it a cool presentation, what i like to do, is take it like that. >> yes. >> and pour it right on the board. >> go for it. >> you pile it out like that. and whatever ragu you like. i have this beautiful mushroom ragu i just made. and you serve it as what's a primo in italian, a simple first course. >> everyone digs in? >> and everyone digs in. sam, i know i'm blocking you here. >> what do we need to know about >> we have something called holly-daize. sign up for the stuff. and you can see the delicious dishes. and all about my family, including the "gma" family. >> this is incredible to eat. tell us quickly. >> that's carla hall. one of my co-hosts on "the
8:52 am
chew." she makes a pumpkin cake with chocolate ganache. >> all of these recipes, on yahoo! "the chew," every day with mario. 1:00 eastern, 12:00 central. go nowhere.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
we're counting down to "gma live!" a lot of dancing right here. 9:15 on the east coast. on demand all day long. we have a lot of morning people here. josh, take it away, here. >> i literally can't hear you. look, everybody, dance tickets. we were learning to dance. i believe we've done it. there's some naughty and nice. and some skiing, i believe is involved. and we're having a dance party on "gma," in holidays. it's a showdown of some kind. naughty and nice. there's the cake. thank you to mario batali. have a great day. we'll see you on "gma live!" folks. and we have 15 seconds. anybody heard any good jokes? how is that cake? is it -- >> it's great. >> four, three, two.
8:56 am
8:57 am
no excuses come on didn't and donate we are taking cash and cans on santana row if you can't we made it easier, stay home, donate from your couch text the word feed to 80077
8:58 am
and that will donate $10 to your local food bank. i want to introduce michelle with coupons for change. your organization the philanthropic arm of why get involved with second harvest? >> we are so fortunate to have them they are helping one in 10 families this season who are struggling. it is amazing the number of people starting to struggle, up 49% from when the recession started all the people needing help. a lot of people trying to make ends meet. more than 50% of these people have jobs yet they still can't get it together they can't get the dollars they need for their families. >> what better way to help them than to use coupons. and your organization has made it so coupons help others right. we are empowering everyone to get involved whether they have the time or resources. you go to the site set your own family dollars, you will be trading meals for people
8:59 am
struggling with hunger. every three coupons you print and use at the store you will be providing a meal. >> michelle that is awesome, coupons for chain. don't forget you can text feed to 80077. i was just about to say you can take part in the food drive-by calling the number on your screen: announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, one of to the stars of "les misérables," anne hathaway. and from the series "the good wife" and the new film, "any day now," alan cumming. plus, our "live's holiday hits week" continues with a performance from ashanti. all next on the emmy performance from ashanti. all next on the emmy award-winning "live."

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